project pivot's board member services enable organizations and individuals to look beyond their immediate circles to diversify and strengthen our nonprofit boards.

With online listings and specialized one-on-one assistance, Pivot will connect engaged individuals with opportunities to serve an organization that matches their interests.  Those who are looking to serve on a Board can browse vacancies for a variety of nonprofit organizations.  Currently we are working with the SE Wisconsin region, but will work with organizations on a project basis outside of this region.

Pivot will work with you to connect nonprofit board vacancies with individuals seeking an opportunity to serve.  To list your board vacancy or request applications, visit the link below.  If you would like additional guidance in proactively seeking board members, Pivot helps with that too.  We offer a reasonably priced fee-based approach where we apply our expertise and network to your organization's unique governance needs.


board vacancy listings

Boards across the southeastern Wisconsin region are looking for board members with valuable skills to become agents for positive change in their communities.  Pivot can connect interested potential board members with missions that they are passionate about.  We can help you find opportunities to serve on a board and prepare you for service once matched.  The available listings will be posted below and include instructions to apply.  Please contact us for additional information or assistance in applying for the position.  To stay up-to-date on the listings in real time, please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Featured Board Posting
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pivot also works with corporate partners to connect them to opportunities within the nonprofit community.  Learn more about our partnership opportunities here.