Let's pivot the conversation from community challenges to community solutions.

One of the ongoing complaints within our sector is that nonprofits do not understand the other services being offered to their constituencies.  Likewise, nonprofit executives express the isolation they experience in their position.

As a convener, Pivot assists in changing these dynamics and brings the necessary groups serving similar constituencies to the table.  Our efforts partner with associations of shared mission organizations such as the Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee (HPGM) as well as funders, individuals, and community volunteers with a focus on bringing together cross-sector interests to learn, share, support and develop community solutions that build on the strengths of each organization and individual.

There are a number of conveners in the region, and we do not duplicate offerings.  The value Pivot brings is the ability to convene board members, our corporate partners, and funders as well as reaching out beyond Milwaukee to tap into some of the latest thinking in the social sector and nonprofit management.

Convening is an important step to implementing change in the sector.  The only way we know our true challenges for community impact are if we share them.  Discussion of our shared challenges can lead to discussion on solutions.


The goal of our convening will be two fold:

  • To build and maintain a dynamic option for organizations to come together.  These sessions are not designed to overlap current work being done in the community, but to foster additional, peer-led, forward-thinking engagements.  This series will be on-going and feature diverse voices and topics as determined by program participants and Pivot partners. 

  • To encourage the development of strong leadership networks in the region.  Pivot will offer partners the opportunity to not only build their own individual projects but to branch out and convene with other leaders in the region on shared issues.  All of Pivot’s programming will be enhanced by our convening efforts by providing participants with opportunities to expand their networks and access resources for leadership development. 


  • Concluding a training cohort with a special convening focused on next steps for the community.  This allows us to reflect back on the sessions, and also work with our partners to build next steps for nonprofit community we are supporting. 
  • By partnering with an organization and emerging leaders, Pivot would help design a formal three-part meeting to understand what it is like to work with a board and manage an organization. This could lead to on-going meetings among peers or more formal cohort-based educational sessions.

We envision Pivot playing an intermediary role between funders and participants for these programs or alternatively as a direct provider of programming and facilitation.