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Achieve Your Goals with Talent Strategies: Implement tools to improve retention, harness employee learning, and increase productivity

  • Pettit National Ice Center 500 S 84th Street Milwaukee, WI 53214 (map)

In this interactive series, we will walk you through the new Jossey-Bass Nonprofit Guidebook, The Talent Development Platform: Putting People First in Social Change Organizations and show you how to tie your strategic goals to your talent strategy.  We'll also demonstrate how you can save resources by supporting your greatest asset — your people!

This event is great for Executive Directors, Board Members, HR staff, and other senior leadership.  Information captured will help in succession planning, building an organizational bench, and making sure you are effectively using your resources.

At the end you will leave with:

  • An understanding of your organization’s learning culture
  • An analysis of your strategic goals and a plan for the talent you need to meet those goals
  • An outline for effective job descriptions with recruitment and retention of your talent
  • A plan for implementing structured professional development
  • A plan for performance assessment that improves talent retention

Webinar: Introduction to the Talent Development Platform and Implementing the Tools
11 am - 12pm CST, February 25th, 2016

This session will provide an overview of the full Talent Development Platform process; information on adult learning and productivity and why it is essential to focus on both; and a discussion of the assessments included in the platform.  Participants will have the opportunity to discuss how they might implement the tools in their organization and develop an action plan for finalizing the assessments prior to the in-person workshop.  Homework for this session will include three assessments for you and your team to implement immediately.  These will be used in the follow up workshop on March 18th.

Session Two: Bringing It All Together
Location: The Pettit National Ice Center, Milwaukee WI
9 am - 4 pm CST, March 18th, 2016

This interactive, in-person session will give participants a chance to bring their tools together to create a plan of action for their organization.  Plans will include finalizing talent needs (including the creation of strong job descriptions), navigating results to outline professional development goals for your team, and setting up a personnel assessment plan to ensure the plan is successful.  During the workshop, participants will have a chance to develop real plans and work with their peers to test and refine those plans.

Registration Fee $250.00
*$50 for an additional team member
**Grantees of Bader Philanthropies may participate at no cost!

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