Welcome to the training information page for the Kohler Board Education Series.  Below are the handouts and information for you to implement after the training sessions.

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Session 1: Pursuing Nonprofit Sustainability - Sept 13

Learn the difference between financial oversight and financial sustainability to ensure your
organization’s long-term financial success! Which programs should pay for themselves? Which
programs should be subsidized and to what degree? How can the board really determine the
return on financial impact relative to the impact on the mission?

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For more resources around nonprofit sustainability, visit www.nonprofitsustainability.org


Session 2: Role of the Board in Strategic Planning - Sept 27

One of the primary roles for any board of directors is to plan for the organization’s future.
Planning allows an organization to be proactive, to strategically address opportunities and
challenges, and to avoid operating in a perpetual crisis mode. Embarking on a strategic planning
process is a large investment of time that can pay back through increased organizational success
over the course of many years.

PowerPoint Presentation


National Council of Nonprofits: Strategic Planning Resources


Session 3: Understanding & Assessing Financial Health - Oct 11

To truly be a financial leader, one must be financially literate. This session is designed to increase the financial literacy of by removing the jargon so they can read and understand financial statements. This session will dive deeper into understanding the differences between cash and accrual accounting, highlighting the importance of monitoring cash flow. We’ll also use the financial statements to calculate key ratios to assess both immediate and long-term financial health.

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Session 4: Taking the Fear Out of Fundraising - oct 25

Overcome your fundraising fears and learn to ask for the resources your organization needs! Research identifies fundraising as the greatest training need for nonprofit Boards. Financial concerns range from funding cuts and budget constraints to the need to develop new, reliable funding sources.

AFP Case for Support Information

Case for Support Example 1

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Session 5: Roundtable Wrap-Up Discussion - nov 8



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