who will decide what Milwaukee Nonprofits need?

The infrastructure designed to support nonprofits has weakened with the loss of the Nonprofit Center and Wisconsin Nonprofits Association. This is a critical time for nonprofits in Milwaukee. Concerns have been raised as to whether and how the community will support nonprofits to effectively and efficiently build on their strengths and address their challenges.

Seeking your input: nonprofit needs assessment survey

The survey is part of a larger project, Listening to and Supporting Milwaukee Nonprofits, led by Project Pivot and the Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management at UWM, with support from Bader Philanthropies, Inc. and Northwestern Mutual.  The survey will determine the best ways to strengthen the nonprofit sector and to further understand the broad range of issues that are important for nonprofit success.  The survey is the most important way for nonprofits to have a voice in this project.  Please find below what you need to know about the survey.   

  • Who Should Complete the Survey?  The organization’s lead paid staff person or volunteer with input from others as needed or desired should complete ONE SURVEY for the organization.  

  • How Long Will It Take to Complete the Survey?  20-30 minutes.  Every effort has been made to capture the most critical information without putting an undue burden on your time.

  • What will be done with the survey results? Results will be shared broadly and will be used to build new strategies for helping nonprofits. Opportunities to discuss results and share ideas will be offered.The information will be available in October on our website.

Complete the survey no later than September 20, midnight.

For any nonprofit that is unable to complete the survey online, it can be made available to you in other forms by contacting Bryce Lord at balord@uwm.edu or 414-229-3176.

For more information about the Listening to and Supporting Milwaukee Nonprofits project contact Shelly Schnupp at shelly@pivot.org or 414-272-2090.

Please add your voice to this important study of nonprofit organizations.