"Raising the Bar: An Afternoon with Kate Barr"

"Raising the Bar: An Afternoon with Kate Barr"

Our 2016 event was bigger and better than ever thanks to our growing community of nonprofit leaders in southeastern Wisconsin and to our special guest, Kate Barr of the Nonprofits Assistance Fund.  Kate led a vibrant discussion around nonprofit governance and the upcoming trends for the nonprofit sector.  For those who missed out, or who would like to revisit some of the topics we discussed, we include a brief recap below, including a full recording of the event!

A Call to Action for Milwaukee's Nonprofit Sector

A Call to Action for Milwaukee's Nonprofit Sector

As we approach the start of fall, we are reminded of the inevitability of change.  Change can definitely be uncomfortable and challenging, especially in our lives as nonprofit professionals and board directors.  While we can't control the changes that come our way, we can control how we respond to them.

As a community, the Milwaukee nonprofit sector faces a similar set of questions that many cities around the country are currently facing:

  • Can the sector as it stands today meet the changing needs our region?
  • How can we continue to offer high quality services while also staying informed of current trends and innovations in our field?

Repost: How Board Members Can Learn to Spot Red Flags by KATE Barr

Repost:  How Board Members Can Learn to Spot Red Flags by KATE Barr

This post is reprinted from the Nonprofits Assistance Fund Blog, Balancing the Mission Checkbook.  Kate will be joining Project Pivot for an afternoon of networking on September 28th, 2016.

Here we go again.  A few weeks ago, Nonprofit Quarterly reported about the fallout from reports by FEGS Health & Human Services in New York of an unexpected $19.4 million loss: changes in the executive office and cuts to programs and budgets.  Like many others in the sector, one of my first reactions was to ask, "Where was the board?"

Podcast Updates

We have uploaded another set of podcasts to the Project Pivot resource library and to iTunes. The next selections that we have to share with you are as follows:

  1. Executive Search
  2. The New CEO's Perspective
  3. Staffing the Board
  4. Diversifying the Board
  5. Boards Measuring Effectiveness Part 1
  6. Boards Measuring Effectiveness Part 2

Hear them all on our Podcasts page.

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Boardstar is now Project Pivot

We went back to the drawing board on this one. 
The change from BoardStar to Project Pivot is more than just a name change, it is an important milestone in the history of our organization.  This evolution reflects our broader commitment to nonprofit governance, not just in Southeastern Wisconsin, but in the Midwest as a region. It also reflect our growing expertise in bringing the right players and research to the table to shape the future of board governance and drive impact in their communities.