Boardstar is now Project Pivot

Boardstar, Inc. will become Project Pivot using a cohort-based education model dedicated to improving board governance and civic engagement in the Midwest.

We went back to the drawing board on this one. 
The change from BoardStar to Project Pivot is more than just a name change, it is an important milestone in the history of our organization.  This evolution reflects our broader commitment to nonprofit governance, not just in Southeastern Wisconsin, but in the Midwest as a region. It also reflect our growing expertise in bringing the right players and research to the table to shape the future of board governance and drive impact in their communities.

Our mission has grown.
In response to wide ranging changes in the nonprofit sector in the Midwest and nationally, Project Pivot will redirect focus from BoardStar's previous model of localized public trainings to a cohort-based learning and sharing model, designed to build and equip leaders for true community impact.  Our goal is to engage and support leaders from all sectors by connecting them with each other, building partnerships between the nonprofit sector and the corporate community, and leveraging the resources necessary for those leaders to strategically carry out their missions.

We need your help.
BoardStar, a longtime partner with local nonprofits, has advocated for partnership and collaboration amongst nonprofit entities by offering a customizable array of programs and services including workshops, networking events and custom trainings.  Given the trends in recent years towards a more collaborative approach to community impact, Pivot seeks to activate its network and integrate national trends in governance with local leadership who are connected to the issues in our community.  The organization will continue to offer custom trainings to groups throughout the Midwest and provide access to a growing library of podcasts and webinars. 

We are actively seeking project partnerships throughout the Midwestern community.  Please take a look around to learn more, build a custom training for your organization or become a partner.