Needs Assessment Update: Advisory Council Meeting 1 Recap

The project’s Advisory Council met on July 18. Highlights of the meeting follow:

  • Agreed that the needs assessment survey is only one way individuals and organizations can provide input to the nonprofit needs study. Other opportunities, so far, include focus groups, feedback sessions and web page.

  • After viewing much of the survey, and offering many suggestions, agreed that it is designed to assess status of organizations, largely based on what is or is not in place or practice. The top executive is in the best place to provide responses for the nonprofit, and would be expected to consult with other staff or board members on issues requiring input.

  • Survey should go to 501(c)(3)s (includes churches) but should include established grassroots organizations that wish to complete it that are not necessarily 501(c)(3)s to ensure organizations that have not been able to attain 501(c)(3) status are not missed.

  • Discussed for barriers to nonprofit participation, especially smaller ones, and ways to reach out to them, including attending meetings where they gather, getting lists from funders and vendors they use, working with coalitions and umbrella groups, offering incentives and making a clear case for the value of completing the survey.