Needs Assessment Update: Project Kickoff Summary

Over 100 individuals attended the project kickoff session on June 26, located and hosted by Bader Philanthropies. Maria Vento, Steve Zimmerman, Joyce Mallory and Doug Ihrke discussed aspects of the nonprofit needs assessment project including:

  • Origins and purpose of the nonprofit needs assessment project

  • Emphasis on hearing from nonprofits as essential to building approaches to meeting their needs

  • Project activities and timeline

  • Importance of getting as many nonprofits as possible to participate.

Comments from participants focused on the following:

  • Importance of gaining information from a broad range of nonprofits in terms of size and scope

  • Benefits of gaining perspectives from individuals beyond nonprofit CEOs/EDs

  • Support for using various approaches to engage individuals and nonprofits in the study and for keeping the community informed of project progress and learnings through the web page and other activities

  • Encouragement to involve more younger people on the project Advisory Council. (Note: two individuals were added shortly after the meeting: JoAnna Bautch from YNPN and Ben Hastil from Jobs that Help).