True Program Costs

How does a nonprofit determine what each of its programs contributes to the organization's bottom line?  How do boards relate program costs to the organization's mission impact and financial sustainability?  Steve Zimmerman of Spectrum Nonprofit Services talks about the quest to calculate each program's true costs.

Form 990

Continuing his discussion of the IRS Form 990, CPA Scott Haumersen identifies additional changes of special interest to nonprofit boards.  Which directors are independent?  What questions are raised about the compensation of employees or directors and officers?  What unrelated business income information must be disclosed?

Conflict of Interest

In this day and age of increasing calls for accountability and transparency in the nonprofit sector, more and more attention is being paid to issues of Conflict of Interest.  Sometimes it's easy to tell when there is a conflict, but at other times there is a legitimate question about conflict.  IN this podcast, Justice Janine Geske has a refreshingly candid conversation with BoardStar about it.