Project pivot empowers organizations to build capacity within their communities by reinforcing nonprofit boards with relevant and powerful skills to influence change.

Custom education

Every nonprofit relies on the skills, talents, and resources of the people who serve on the Board of Directors.  Whether large or small, start-up or experienced, loosely-structured or well-established, Pivot offers a customizable array of programs and services to best serve each organization.  We envision strong nonprofit organizations governed by diverse, passionate, and resourceful leaders, and work daily to give Board Directors and Executive Directors the tools that they need to overcome the challenges they face.  Contact us to design a customized curriculum for your team.


Podcasts and Webinars

Podcasts are simple and effective ways to educate your Board.  Through 8-10 minute educational teachings, podcasts offer an integrated and holistic training approach for busy Boards. They are ideal for introducing a topic for discussion, reviewing roles and responsibilities, and gaining insights for your current Board decisions and challenges.  Starting your Board meeting with a podcast can help create a focused environment for an efficient and productive meeting.  Find these podcasts on iTunes by searching Project Pivot, or view our podcast library here.


Templates and Worksheets

Previously available on the BoardStar website, these templates and worksheets are available free of charge to help your Board be as efficient, effective, and thorough as possible.  These are currently migrating from the previous BoardStar site to the new Project Pivot site.  If you are in need of something specifically, please email 


LinkedIn for Nonprofits

Pivot is changing the way you find your board members.  We have phased out Greater Milwaukee OnBoard to make way for a much more user-friendly and up-to-date system using LinkedIn!  In addition to working with our local nonprofit community, Pivot will be educating our corporate members.  This unique partnership with corporations allows us to build out our local talent pool, and allows for an easy way to connect potential board members with our nonprofit community.  Discover LinkedIn for Nonprofits.