Leadership and Position Specific

These templates and worksheets address topics specific to a particular leadership role in a nonprofit like Executive Directors, Board Directors, and Committee Chair positions. .

  • Annual Evaluation of the Executive Director - Board Cafe

  • What We Do

  • Departure Defined Transition

  • Executive Compensation

  • Personal Mission Worksheet

  • Vision Statement Worksheet

  • Emergency Succession Planning

  • Overview of Succession Planning

Financial Oversight

These templates address topics related to the responsibility of a Board Director to oversee an organization's finances.

  • Grant Acceptance resolution

  • finance vs. audit committee

  • donor bill of rights

  • monitoring of investments

  • finance committee commission

  • annual budget process

  • financial policies and procedures

Recruitment and Orientation

Agendas & Orientation Materials

When considering new Directors for your Board, or considering whether or not to join a Board, it is essential to find the right fit in terms of expertise and culture.  Not every person is right for every Board, and not every Board is right for every person.  The resources below will help guide Boards and individuals through the recruitment and orientation process, allowing for more natural integration with the mission and forward direction of the organization. 

  • Board nomination process

  • Orientation agenda

  • recruitment flyer

  • orientation manual table of contents

  • orientation manual table of contents 2

  • Recruitment meeting agenda

  • Recruitment meeting agenda and materials

  • Recruitment meeting agenda and materials 2

  • Recruitment meeting agenda and materials 3

  • Board Grid


Position Descriptions & Applications

Boards are comprised of individuals with diverse expertise and points of view to help facilitate well-rounded and strategic conversation.  The resources here will help you outline the job descriptions, roles, and responsibilities of specific positions on the Board as well as general Board Director guidelines to help your nonprofit achieve the Board's vision.

  • Board President Position Description

  • Board Director Agreement

  • Director Job Description

  • Committee Chair Position Description

  • Committee Chair Position Description 2

  • Board Director Nomination Form

  • Board Profile Form

  • Board Grid Template

Planning, Policies & Measurement

Setting policy is one of the key functions of every Board of Directors.  Best practices dictate that an organization can have certain governance policies in place and in active use by the organization.  In addition, the IRS Form 990 requires the organization to adopt specific policies in order to comply with current standards of governance, accountability and transparency.  The following templates have been compiled for your reference.  They should be reviewed and modified as needed before being adopted by your organization's Board of Directors.  This is not intended to be a complete list of recommended policies.

  • Consent Agenda

  • Meeting Tracker Form

  • Identifying Targeted Constituencies

  • Donor Bill of Rights

  • Organizational Minutes

  • What We Do

  • Vision Statement Worksheet

  • Fun Thank You Gifts for Board of Directors


Policy Templates

  • Affiliates Policy

  • Assorted Sample Policies

  • Audits Policy

  • Bylaw Amendment

  • Capitalization

  • Code of Ethics

  • Code of Ethics Version 2

  • Conflict of Interest Declaration

  • Conflict of Interest Declaration (generic)

  • Conflict of Interest Policy (generic)

  • Conflict of Interest Policy Version 3

  • Consulting Policy

  • Disclosure of Corporate Records Policy

  • Disclosure of Corporate Records Version 2

  • Disclosure on Fraud

  • Document Disclosure Policy

  • Executive Compensation

  • Document Request

  • Financial Policies and Procedures

  • Form 990 Policy Version 1

  • Form 990 Policy Version 2

  • Form 990 Policy Version 3

  • Gift Acceptance Policy Version 1

  • Gift Acceptance Policy Version 2

  • Gift Acceptance Policy Version 3

  • Loans Policy

  • Material Diversion of Corporate Assets

  • Minutes Policy

  • Minutes Policy (generic)

  • Monitoring of Investments

  • Nepotism Policy

  • Outside Income Policy

  • Outside Income Policy Version 2

  • Personnel Policies

  • Records Retention Policy

  • Records Retention Policy Version 2

  • Records Retention Policy Version 3

  • Risk Management Policy

  • Risk Management Version 2

  • Travel and Other Expense Reimbursement

  • Use of Intellectual Property Policy

  • Whistleblower Policy

  • Whistleblower Policy 2

  • Whistleblower Policy 3


Engagement and Structure


Committees are where the work of the Board gets done.  They are teams of people with complementary expertise that are drawn from throughout the organization and beyond, charged with accomplishing specific tasks and fulfilling certain responsibilities.  The resources below will help committees function as effectively as possible.

  • Strategic Planning committee Commission

  • Board Development Committee Commission

  • Board of Advisors Commission

  • Finance Committee Commission

  • Capital Campaign Committee Commission

  • Fund Development Committee Commission

  • Finance Committee Commission

  • Program Committee Commission

  • Finance vs Audit Committee

  • Fund Development Committee Commission